Blackheads / Whiteheads

9 Aug

Hi there!
I have not really take time to post reviews because I’m really lazy. I decided to just do one which I frequently does.

My nose.

Sometimes when I touched mine, it feeds really rough and I can imagine it looking like strawberries (I’m sorry berry lovers!) with open pores and the white stuff. I googled it and its actually called sebaceous filaments. I shall leave it to you to read more about it.

I used the most sensitive (ring) finger to circulate around my nose to “search” for rough patches and I know it is time: extracting the SF. And this is how I do it.

Here’s a picture to warn you before continuing read this entry.
20130809-112611.jpgThis is not a bokeh.
I will use my trusty tweezers (You can get it anywhere)

1. Use the sensitive finger to look for rough patches
2. Gentle scrap your nose (not recommended but this is what I do anyway) and you will find these SF trails out from the pores.
*just make sure you clean your fingers and do it gently, not scrapping fish scales.
3. With the tweezers, use the end tip and gently pull out the SF. I feel the shiokness when I see it being plucked out from the root and you see tiny holes on your nose.
It looked like this:
20130809-113147.jpgI think it’s comparable to using blackhead pores strips except TFS’s blackbean blackhead pore pack (I will do the review when I have time)

So that’s how I do it.


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