The Body Shop Plastic Foot File

7 Sep

sorry for the lack of updates.

i would like to recommend The Body Shop | Plastic Foot File.

In comparison to Peg Egg,  this file is soooo much better and easy to use.  Not harsh on your feet and doesn’t make you think like you are grating your feet (its the idea, not the real grating when you are using Peg Egg).

there is a tactic to use this thing. we usually file our foot when its dry but for this, it will be good to use it when your feet is wet. if its used on a dry feet, you might think you are scratching your foot.
you can either, sit at toilet bowl and file or, you can soak your feet in a pail of water and file when its still wet. yet, it produces better results.  All the dead skin will be left in between the little ridges and you can use a cleaning toothbrush to clean it. easy preasy!

– cheaper
– even easier to use
– no rough feel after-use

– expensive
– might be high to maintain {what happens if the blade get rusty or blunt?}
– rough feel after use, but it goes off after a while/ or when it get seasoned.


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