Smell clean!

14 Sep

Hello All!
i am back, trying to sort out what reviews i should do first. i’m a bit of scatterbrain so i’ll try to be organised as much as i can.

Of late, i think i’m having a bad BO. i hate to admit that but i think i needed help. Sometimes, it could be so bad that i smell like a man. i usually don’t stink but recently (really), it was kind of bad and i feel conscious of it. i read up several beauty blogs like vivawoman and ecobeautysecrets and even Pinterest search on “DIY Deodorant” for desperate help. Sesame’s  more on paste constituency while Vivi’s  recipe is more like a dry powder form.

The one that i am going to post here are the standard recipes/formulas which i googled. You can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen.
It is really easy preasy, trust me!

1 part of cornstarch
1 part of baking soda
coconut oil ( or vegetable glycerin)
a few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)

Pour the powder into a mixing medium and add in coconut oil a little at a time. Stir well
For this, i did not add in essential oil because i want to test how the “scent” will be like if this natural deodorant mixes with my sweat glands. i will be adding on essential oil after a few tries maybe?

i usually don’t give exact measurements because i personally feel its up to personal preference. i used coconut oil just to mix then well into a paste.

These are the ingredients and i use a cute babyfood glass jar to store the deodorant.

With baking soda and cornstarch.

i had made a small amount so i pour it into mini jam jar, i’m not sure if this works so i will do a follow up review on it after i’ve cleared this.

This is how the constituency is like.

i had applied them on the affected area and i think it is better for it to be more liquid form for easy application.

Let me know if you have tried any diy recipes for deodorant!

#Read more on body odour on wikipedia
disclaimer: my armpit is sacred so i doubt anyone would want to see a picture of it right??


Blackheads / Whiteheads

9 Aug

Hi there!
I have not really take time to post reviews because I’m really lazy. I decided to just do one which I frequently does.

My nose.

Sometimes when I touched mine, it feeds really rough and I can imagine it looking like strawberries (I’m sorry berry lovers!) with open pores and the white stuff. I googled it and its actually called sebaceous filaments. I shall leave it to you to read more about it.

I used the most sensitive (ring) finger to circulate around my nose to “search” for rough patches and I know it is time: extracting the SF. And this is how I do it.

Here’s a picture to warn you before continuing read this entry.
20130809-112611.jpgThis is not a bokeh.
I will use my trusty tweezers (You can get it anywhere)

1. Use the sensitive finger to look for rough patches
2. Gentle scrap your nose (not recommended but this is what I do anyway) and you will find these SF trails out from the pores.
*just make sure you clean your fingers and do it gently, not scrapping fish scales.
3. With the tweezers, use the end tip and gently pull out the SF. I feel the shiokness when I see it being plucked out from the root and you see tiny holes on your nose.
It looked like this:
20130809-113147.jpgI think it’s comparable to using blackhead pores strips except TFS’s blackbean blackhead pore pack (I will do the review when I have time)

So that’s how I do it.

The Body Shop Plastic Foot File

7 Sep

sorry for the lack of updates.

i would like to recommend The Body Shop | Plastic Foot File.

In comparison to Peg Egg,  this file is soooo much better and easy to use.  Not harsh on your feet and doesn’t make you think like you are grating your feet (its the idea, not the real grating when you are using Peg Egg).

there is a tactic to use this thing. we usually file our foot when its dry but for this, it will be good to use it when your feet is wet. if its used on a dry feet, you might think you are scratching your foot.
you can either, sit at toilet bowl and file or, you can soak your feet in a pail of water and file when its still wet. yet, it produces better results.  All the dead skin will be left in between the little ridges and you can use a cleaning toothbrush to clean it. easy preasy!

– cheaper
– even easier to use
– no rough feel after-use

– expensive
– might be high to maintain {what happens if the blade get rusty or blunt?}
– rough feel after use, but it goes off after a while/ or when it get seasoned.

Peg Egg

3 May

i have very rough heel and apparently, feet that isn’t ladylike. Coarse and greyish with dirt by half a day. i used to use blade to scrap off  the rough patch, i like the results but i heard it wasn’t good for your skin and most of the time, i shaved it too deeply without realizing i could have hurt the skin epidermis. i got so desperate that i went to Guardian and gotten myself the Peg Egg.

image from
# image from

Wrong move.

Yes, its really easy to use but it does’t do any justice in smoothing the skin after that; unlike blading. It does feel smoother after a while but.. i just don’t like that kind of feeling.

Its isn’t recommended.
Should stick to my pumice stone which is safer and gentle.

Overall Rating:  ★☆☆☆☆
Price:  ★☆☆☆☆
Function:  ★★☆☆☆


Kiss Me Mascara Remover

22 Apr

Hello! This is going to be my first entry and i can’t wait to share the product with you!

Kiss Me Mascara Remover

I bet many of you seen this in Watsons. i was skeptical because i don’t understand why would anyone spend $15 on a it just to remove the goo from your lashes where you can just dab random eye makeup remover or any cold cream. Been a fan of all sorts of mascara, i decided to just get it since it comes along with a Kiss Me Mascara at only $20.

Kiss Me Limited Edition Duo Pack

The Mascara itself costs $24.90, Remover at $14.90, This pack at $20.
Thats when i say i am frugal for the wrong cause. There is goes into my shopping basket!
& never regret buying.

eye with mascara

No, i didn’t use the Kiss Me Mascara for this photo above. I don’t remember which random one i had used. Not to worry, i will post the reviews on the Kiss Me Mascara soon. Apparently, it was good! The photo above was just to illustrate on the “before” and “after” on the Remover.
(i realised that i didnt protect my pic but then again, i doubt no one will use so i’ll just leave it as it is)

eye with remover

Coating the lashes with the fluid, wait for a few minutes for it to take effect. Please be careful not to let it get into your eyes. FOCUS on the lashes ok. JUST FOCUS ON THE LASHES.

residue on tissue

The goo just came off easily when you wipe it gently off your lashes. It doesn’t take much effort at all. I didn’t see a strand of my lash fall off, unlike the remover that i often use. And the surroundings around the eye are so clean.

raw eye

The “After”. Clean right?
This picture just shows that i had to throw away the lousy mascara. I had more lashes before applying.

i am so going to keep using this!

Do like my post if you find this useful, so that i know what i can review more on. Thanks!

Hello world!

22 Apr

hello. this is a beauty review site. i do not earn extra cash or receive any gifts from the products mentioned for the bad english i had written here. They are all for personal reference.